Our Services

Designed by James offers a wide range of services for your asset. By deploying our knowledge and skills in your environment, we deliver a customized services on your needs. Training, upgrading and maintaining the connection and knowledge between our company, the client and the training facilities are key in our daily operations. Due this triangle the focus lies on maintaining high-quality and communication with our clients, we constituently expanding our field of knowledge. To serve you a solutions that fits perfectly on your needs.

Event Departement

In this department lies the focus on services for the event industry. The creation and development of your vision is key for the creativity and production. By dividing this department in different divisions, we offer a customized service. Divisions are sorted by management, production. Division overview: management, rigging, sound and light.

Rope Acces

In this department lies the focus on Rope acces. Rope acces allow workers to acces difficult-to-reach locations with the support of ropes. The most common applications for the modern rope acces can be accomplished by rope access professionals using specialized procedure. Trained and certified by TACS from IRATA, we deliver a high standard according IRATA terms.

Technical support

The technical departement creates costume service and product following the demanded needs of the client. Deliver quality solutions and maintaining the operational cost as low as possible with a redundancy built in case of failure. Driven by challenges and push the boundaries of our knowledge, we deliver a product that fits on your demands.

Our Story

Our Story

Designed by James combines the creativity with the engineering knowledge. Delivering a on-demand service solutions where out-of-the-box a essential key element in our company. Crossing different industries creates a cross-fertilization. In combination with our passion for technology and pushing boundaries we try to deliver a personal service for you.

You've got a vision, we provide the solution